If you keep a toy for 9 months, it's yours to keep it forever! Hooray! The token value of the toy will be refunded to your account for you to choose some more toys to play with.

If you can’t wait, you can always buy something for a lower-than-retail price just by getting in touch. 

We use the Residual Value to calculate how much we charge you to keep a toy.
Residual Value is the pro-rata value of the toy based on its original value. We calculate Residual Value based on the retail price of the toy and how long you have had the toy divided by 9 months. For example if a toy is worth £30 and you kept a toy for 3 months, you would be charged 6/9 times £30 = £20. Or if you kept the toy for 6 months, then you would be charged 3/9 times £30 = £10. This way you never pay more than the retail value of buying the toy. 

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