At Whirli we believe good value comes from swapping and not shopping. We have designed Whirli so that you can get 9 times better value from swapping compared to buying brand new*

Toys and tokens

Our toys are priced in tokens, where 1 Whirli token is the equivalent of around £1 RRP. For example, a toy worth £20 brand new would cost 20 Whirli tokens.

      1 Whirli token  ≈   £1 retail value of a brand new toy

This gives you full flexibility to build the toy box that is right for you and your family.   

Subscription plans and tokens

Our monthly subscription plans buy you tokens, which allow you to manage your toy box. 

For example,
Toy Sack is £9.99 per month and gets you 90 tokens at any one time

That's the equivalent of spending £9.99 to access around £90 worth of toys at RRP. 

That's 9 times better value!

Take a look at all our subscription plans.

Swapping toys and tokens

When you decide it's time to swap toys, simply return them to us and we will credit your account with the equivalent tokens, ready for you to choose something else.


If you swap all the toys in your Whirli box once a month you will get the best value from your subscription. This will ensure you are getting 9 times more value from swapping rather than buying brand new.

If you keep a toy for 9 months, it is yours to keep forever.

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