Pay monthly plan: your token allowance is staggered :

Month 1 - one third of tokens
Month 2 - two thirds of tokens
Month 3 onwards - full token allowance

Pay half-yearly: full token allowance immediately
Pay yearly plan: full token allowance immediately

Token allowance for new monthly plan customers

For new customers on a pay monthly plan, you do not get your full token allowance until month 3. 

During this period, you'll always be playing with more toys than you have paid for. Introducing your tokens over the first 3 months helps us combat theft and prevent fraudsters from absconding with a high value of toys in their first month.

There's no minimum commitment for our monthly plans, you are free to change your plan, pause or cancel at any time.

Token allowance for new half-yearly and yearly customers

Our yearly and half-yearly plans offer full token allowance immediately. No need to wait until month 3. 

These plans also offer up to 20% off the plan price.

What are tokens?

Our toys are priced in tokens, where 1 Whirli token is the equivalent of around £1 retail. For example, a toy worth £20 brand new would cost 20 Whirli tokens.

      1 Whirli token  ≈   £1 retail value of a brand new toy

This gives you full flexibility to build the toy box that is right for you and your family.   

When you decide it's time to swap toys, simply return them to us and we will credit your account with the equivalent tokens, ready for you to choose something else.

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