Children aren't the most careful with toys, so don’t worry, we know accidents happen. Fair wear and tear is a given with shared toys and we know that children are really good at playing hide-and-seek with them. 

We operate a toy sharing economy and pride ourselves in shipping toys that are in a good, excellent or like-new condition. We hope you are delighted by the quality of our used toys and ask that you let us know if a toy or part of a toy has been lost or if it has been damaged to the point that the next recipient would be disappointed with it.

If we need to replace the toy we will charge a fee that we deem to be fair and equal to the diminution in value of the toy, up to a maximum of its Residual Value. We consider:

  • if the toy can not be repaired
  • if the toy is no longer safe
  • if the condition of the toy is deemed to be less than good 
  • if the toy can no longer be played with as it was intended 
  • how long the toy has been in circulation for
  • how long it has been in your possession for

Residual Value is the pro-rata value of the toy based on its original value. We calculate Residual Value based on the retail price of the toy and how long you have had the toy divided by 9 months. For example if a toy is worth £30 and you kept a toy for 3 months, you would be charged 6/9 times £30 = £20. Or if you kept the toy for 6 months, then you would be charged 3/9 times £30 = £10. This way you never pay more than the retail value of replacing the toy. 

 More information on how we calculate Residual Value can be found in our Ts & Cs

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